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I just picked up this amazing book that was printed by Graham Mackintosh in 1965.

I knew that Graham printed for Black Sparrow, White Rabbit, Oyez, Four Seasons Foundation, Capricorn & Capra Press. Maybe there were more. He certainly was busy.

He died about a year ago. As is usually the case, the guy behind the scene did not get much of a mention in the press upon his death. I really believe that he was an amazing printer and designer and his body of work should be celebrated. Looking at many of the books that I have here or have seen that he did, they all have a classic elegance and are extremely well printed. The paper (at least on the books that I have seen) is very well chosen and the design/printing is amazing.

Anyone have any other info on who else he printed for or what other presses he was involved in? I bet that Jason Davis knows a bunch. His site has a lot of information.
Those books on the desert are by a different Graham Mackintosh. Confusing. There is also another author named Gerard Malanga, which makes searches challenging.

As Graham was the printer for some books, he may only be listed on the colophon and may not even be listed there.
There's a lot of useful information in Alastair Johnston's White Rabbit Press bibliography (Berkeley: Poltroon Press, 1985) about the various presses Graham Macktintosh worked with including those Bill mentions above, plus Open Space, the Natoma Tap-Dance Society, Gnomon Press, and Elephant Press (a collaboration with his brother), and the Buzz Gallery... and probably many others...

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