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this story starts like many do, with a wife picking grapefruits in a back yard in florida.

and a miracle happens.

here's how it all path to an eBay fortune, hopefully.

we live in tampa, florida, and have five grapefruit trees, a mango tree, two papaya trees, and a japanese pear tree, which has another name i can't spell or pronounce. apologies.

but let's keep this short: the mrs. comes running in one morning and states, "honey, i have a grapefruit with the number 17 on it." i laugh, as i'm not normally called honey, and think she is pulling my leg - which were both propped up on an ottoman, watching ESPN. (my legs can see, by the way.)

she laughs, hands it to me, and sure as shit, there's the number 17.

my mind whirls, probably from having too much booze the night before, but, like ralph cramden (sp?) i get it.

i'm gonna be rich.

i go to the 7-eleven around the corner that day and put down a tensky on 017 - straight. another five on 017 - straight/box.

big money coming.

long story short, it misses.

i play it again the next day, same dollars, same results.

i want to cut open the grapefruit, eat the fucker, but just laugh - and think of eBay.

so here is a picture of my grapefruit below.

but i need advice.

as i have queried as to the prices of some of my rare buk books here, and received sage advice, what can i sell a grapefruit for with the number 17 on it?

thanks for any and all input, as this is my retirement fund. i have "w" to thank for that.

if you think i'm kidding, take a look at it. this bad boy is a rare fruit...


homeless mind

In Psalms 17, the King James Bible has an erroneous translation. In verse 8 "Keep me as the apple of the eye," should have read "Keep me as the grapefruit of the eye."

Now name your price.
stuff like that sells on ebay fairly often for the $5 - $15 range... it's kind of fun to browse the oddities section from time to time.
Does that mean all of my dreams, my hopes and financial aspirations, are going to be nothing more than the seeds of (fill in bad metaphor or appropriate cliche here)?

Not knowing Madoff, but in spirit with his investors, I feel like I've lost part of that $50,000,000,000 - if that is all it will be worth...and considered an oddity.

To wit, I was hoping this would be my financial salvation; a grapefruit delivered by higher powers, warm weather, and of course, the compass of my life: location and dumb luck.

Would the grapefruit be worth more if I shucked it in half; or perhaps sold just individual pieces, segments or wedges?

I would probably hold out more for the one that has the number 17 on it. Perhaps even splitting the numbers one and seven, for the right price.

And will gladly offer it to any members here first.

A courtesy, I know, but wtf. It is 2009, right?

Without takers here, however, it's straight to eBay.

Send me your offers.

And yes, I do accept live animals as payment.


homeless mind
Some one sold a cornflake that looked like the state of New Jersey for something like $1500 last year on ebay. That shows that there are some people who will buy anything.

That sounds like a bargain, being a JL fan.

Please note, I'd be willing to barter for that dish you're having for dinner tonight. Collared greens, black-eyed peas, pork. The bacon fat is what pulled the trigger here...


Sounds like it's worth at least the number seven - heck, even a few other wedges from the "chosen" grapefruit, number 17...
I would copy and paste lots from this ->

and use it to make a fantastic looking opportunity-to-own on e-bay....
opening bid 99 cents
(you know, to get the ball (well, grapefruit) rolling)
with a Buy-It-Now price at like $17,000 or $170,000, 1.7 million

and most importantly, set a Reserve Price
in the $17 dollar range

Or else find the guy who wrote the shit in the above link and ask him to make an offer
You need to weave some kind of bizarre mythology around this baby. Nothing sells like fear and superstition. And sex. Yes, those are your selling points.

Start with the number itself - 17. Seventeen is not only a prime number, it is the sum of the first four prime numbers - 2, 3, 5, and 7. Those numbers in turn represent the jersey numbers of New York Yankee greats Derek Jeter (2), Babe Ruth (3), Joe DiMaggio (5), and Mickey Mantle (7). Mantle and Jeter symbolize skirt-chasing past and present, DiMaggio bagged the ultimate sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, and Ruth basically fucked everything that moved. So there's the sex part.

Take this and run with it. Embellish and improve upon it. Your fortune awaits.
You need to weave...

I think we need to put together a business plan. Your thinking intrigues me: out of the box, skin, shell, whatever. At least an executive summary. And bring #17 to market. Wheels are spinning on this end; and I may need a partner here. Perhaps a capital raise campaign to launch something in the journal or times to increase awareness or interest? LMK your thoughts. And others with experience are welcome. As long as you don't mind a grapefruit as CEO.

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