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I just read a review of this Graphic Novel (GN)
from BoldType (a subscription thing)
and I can't wait to find it.

Is anyone familiar with this author/artist?
Yoshihiro Tatsumi
The Push Man and other Stories

I've never read a GN
(I wrongly (I'm assuming) seem to think that they're for that younger generation)
let alone read a GN review
So I'm mighty glad (I think)
that I found this one.

The Adverb is Dying Real Slow :D
(Oxford University Press)


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Graphic Novels are mostly made for adults. There are many good ones out there. The one by Art Spiegelman called "Maus" (part one and two) even won a Pullitzer Prize. First time that ever for a Graphic Novel...


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I have "Abandon the Old in Tokyo," which is volume that came out after "Push Man". It's really good. It even has a guy having sex with a dog.

Digney in Burnaby

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I like Hate and I hate everything else. Peter Bagge's Hate from a number of years ago, that is.

After that I tend to just like comics that aren't graphic, or adult. Krazy Kat, Thimble Theatre, Mickey Mouse versus the Phantom Blot, Chester Brown (okay he's more what we're talking about). King of the Mounted, Wash Tubbs, Steve Canyon. The lengthy adventure strips. And the funnies. Pogo, Polly and her Pals, Barney Google.


"The law is wrong; I am right"
Will Eisner has made some great Graphic Novels - not to mention his masterpiece "the Spirit". There's many great comics out there. I like Doonesbury, Li'l Abner, The Peanuts etc. - oh, and of course, Crumb...
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joe matt and adrian tomine are two of my favorites... it's really trendy to like adrian tomine, i guess (i wouldn't know; i'm fairly new to the genre), but i think his stuff is fantastic. and joe matt's is so depressingly funny, i can't put it down.
Jesus, there's some fantastic stuff out there. Trouble is, the wife considers them comics, and has no tolerance for grown men who read "comics".

Apparently, she had a previous relationship with some dude who had to have the latest DC or Marvel offering, and it was a mess.

Always was nuts for those "Love & Rockets" girls!

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