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I ain't no Head, but really dig on about 20-25% of their output. I own some 100+ releases, most or all of which are multi-CD releases (so, at least 300 CDs; 329 hours according to my Media Player). This is of no interest to me, but thank you for posting.
Count me in as a Head wannbe=the more I read about Jerry and his approach to music and life the more I feel he is under rated as a cultural iconoclast and nice guy.. Heck how many direct connections to Neal Cassady still exist? And while I'm at it-his and Kesey's ex wife Carolyn Adams (Mountain Girl) have never been given her due either. Thanks Pogue PS I think you qualify as a head but if you say you are not then you are right. I wish I had your stash!
Mr. Constanten actually lives here in Charlotte, NC. And he usually does one gig a year here with a Dead cover band. Check out the crazy price for tickets in the link below. I have a very good friend who knows him well. Does that mean I have asked if there is anyway I could meet him? Well, no. But I was a little surprised Dead & Company didn't invite him to their gigs when they came through town.

My guesses:
1) They probably think he's dead.
2) They forgot all about him
3) They agree with my friend that he's a sketchy mother fucker.
I was going to comment on how damn thick Phil's tone is on that, and then I see that he's playing a Ken Smith (see 3:08 and the trademark "S" on the headstock). I've got a six-string fretless Smith bass and it, to quote Pete Townshend, sounds like a bleedin' VC-10.

I've never known Phil to use a Smith. I learned something today and it's not that dogs don't lay eggs. Just in case y'all think I may be pulling your leg:

Ken Smith 001.jpg
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