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Someone claiming to be Red Stodolski's buddy is pedddling photographs of Buk's headstone on e-Bay. Ghoulish way of making a few bucks and trying to associate his endeavour with a friend of Buk is pretty damn low. He's just out to make a buck in a coarse and vulgar way!
I believe this seller is Tim Congdon. I ran into him last week in Northampton, MA at "Festival Estatique". We spoke for about a half an hour and at that time, he relayed this same story to me abou the photo and Red, which I believe. Also, he seemed like a nice enough guy and a big Bukowski fan...

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Whether or not his Red story is true, this still smacks of 'cashing in'. And this isn't the first time he's listed this.
I still don't get it. He makes it sound as if he were doing someone a big favour by taking that photograph, almost reluctantly. And then he tries to sell it?
Hey MULLINAX, did the seller tell you to "eat shit, gas bag"?

I've got identical photos from my trip to LA in 2000.
If anyone wants a copy, I'm sure I could dig up the negative.
But who would?
It's just this...


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Here's a shot of Bukowski's grave at the funeral that Red gave me. I also scanned a copy of the program that was handed out...


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Not to pick nits, but that photo doesn't seem to have been taken at the funeral itself. Right after the funeral there would have still been a slight mound, as there always is on a fresh grave, to allow for settling. Also the marker is not usually laid down the day of the funeral.

When I visited a few weeks after the funeral that's pretty much exactly how it looked. The grass they had laid over the dirt and around the marker was dying and turning brown. So that would appear to be pretty soon after, but not the day of the funeral.

Okay, so that is nit picking. What can I tell you. Certain New York Times critics might consider me to be a nitwit. ;)
I suppose you're right: when Red handed me the program and the photo at his shop, I assumed that he had taken the snapshot at the funeral...
Manning The Ramparts!

OK. Never noticed that there are comments in that spot.

The seller may be a nice guy but I dislike the way he EXCUSES his picture taking. What is there to apologize for? 

I don't mind the insult because I am safely esconced behind the ramparts of FORTRESS BUKOWSKI, where even the Danielle Steele fans can't get me!
and I'm safely ensconced behind my ever increasing dementia.

And by the way, he really doesn't excuse his picture taking. He says -

Charles Bukowski Final Resting Place Color or B&W 5x7

This is a photo of Bukowski's grave which I took for Red Stoldosky, who requested that I go to Hank's grave and get him a photo. Originally in color, Red asked me to have it redone in B&W. I have either for your chosing. Free 4x6 with 5x7 purchase.

I accept Paypal within 3 days unless other arrangements made.


I really don't care one way or the other but I'm not sure why this gets your goat so much. It's capitalism at work, no? :cool:
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I respect anybody who has the gumption to sell anything, even pics of Buk's headstone. It's the way he phrases the process that I find 'Baldy-esque'. He claims that he took the photo for someone else, at that person's request, suggesting that taking the photo wasn't really his idea and he sort of fell into it - and THEN, out of the blue, he decides to sell it!

I think this guy deliberately went to Buk's grave with the INTENTION of snapping pics and then selling them. Nothing wrong with that, but he makes it appear to be otherwise. And what's with the "PayPal within 3 days" deal? If he's really offering a non-profit service why the deadline?

and I'm safely ensconced behind my ever increasing dementia.

That's what I said, too!
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