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My name is Steven Lloyd. I write out of Southern Illinois, and have interviewed such authors and actors as Jack Ketchum, Nancy Collins, legendary film greats Bill Moseley and Sid Haig, from the "Devil's Rejects" films. My work has appeared in numerous print and on-line publications.

I'm so excited to be here to talk all things Bukowski! Love his work! Not one for poetry, sorry, but his novels and short stories are amazing. Damn there's so much to see here. The publisher thread is great, too. I didn't think the small press existed like this anymore. Nice to see the underground alive and well.

See you on the boards, gang!

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While you may not be one for poetry, Buk's sometimes narrative style and at many times blunt style may surprise you. His poetry reads like no other writer I can name. And, if after all that, you still just dig on the short stories and novels, then there's plenty here for you to dig into.

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