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I'm new here. What's to say?

I live in a place called Mesa, Arizona. I'm obsessed with Rock'n'Roll/Punk Rock, John Dillinger, Billy The Kid, Pretty Boy Floyd, Charles Bukowski, low-life urbanity, looking up, playing air-guitar while i walk down the street with headphones blaring, walking in my biker dad's old motorcycle jacket, looking for one job after another never holding one, combing my hair a hundred times a day, eating two bowls of cereal, staying up all night typing until my fingers hurt, drinking ice water from mason jars, smoking grass, and sitting outside all night.

I type on a 60's era, Empire Typewriter, but I'm saving up for the Hermes 3000. I had to force myself to get on the internet and do this. I enjoy solitude and I'm weary of technology.

But I want as many as possible to read my writing. So here it is:

My first book of poems/short stories from Sun Dog Press is coming out around late January/February 2012.

welcome, Danny. congrats on the book.

I also like solitude, and if anything, the internet helps me get more of it. so yay technology.

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