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Hi all

My name's Reid and I'm in Australia. Great site, I'm glad I've come across it.

Factotum was the first Buk I read, when I was 15. Since then I've read all the novels and much of the poetry, short stories and letters.

I dig anything Buk, but have to say the novels are my favourite. I love the frustration of Post Office, the attitude of Factotum, the melancholy of Ham on Rye, the women of Women, the melodrama of Hollywood, and the hilarity of Pulp.

Now then, plenty more Buk on this site to keep me busy for a while...

Hi Reid. Factotum was my first read too. Welcome to the forum.
i think im going to read his stories very soon and i think i choose the melancholic one

....henry smile! why dont you ever smile?....

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