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Hi guys.

I have been reading Bukowski for a while now, since 2013.

I've read some of his most famous novels like Fáctotum, Post Office, Women, and Ram On Hye (which one is my favorite).
I've also read Notes of a Dirty old Man, Erections, Ejaculations... and i'm halfway through Burning In Water, Drowning in Flame.

Buk is exactly one of my Favorite authors nowdays, and he's getting a lot of attention from brazilian readers in the last few years.

I spoke from Rio de Janeiro here.

Sry for the bad english, btw.

Forget the translations. Try to read and understand him in English. Even Carl Weissner, who was a close friend of Bukowski and translated him into German, sometimes didn't find the right words. Because the right words often don't exist in another language.

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