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Thought I would say a quick hello. It feels nice to find a place with all those people who know AND love Bukowski.

I discovered Bukowski through his poetry some years ago-I started with"Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame" and "Love is a Dog from Hell" .
Reading his words for the first time was like a shock to me (in the good sense), as I think I had never read anything with such power and presence, yet with such simple words.

Strangely enough, I find it more and more difficult to find people who know this writer- most of my friends here in Berlin are not native English-speakers, and are just too lazy to read Bukowski in the original language. So I guess this forum would make me feel less lonely!

Also I wanted to say hi to Roni, who recommended me the forum last summer in Andernach. If I say I'm French, maybe he'll recognize me!

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Unfortunately, all those languages with a French accent. Although I sometimes get a British accent in English when drunk.
Hello Dora! Good to see you here.

The german speaking fraction needs members.

And even more the Girls-who-are-into-Bukowski-fraction ;)
Hi Dora,

good to see you here!
As I said before, you'll like it. It's THE place to be in all things Bukowski.

I'm going to send you the article now, that I've told you about.
Welcome Dora. As they say, any friend of Roni's...

should probably get a blood test.

I KID!!! I kid because I love...
Welcome aboard, Dora! As Hooch says, any friend of Roni's needs to get their heads examined are most welcome here.
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Vielen Dank!

Ps: Roni thanks for the article, it gave me some ideas to explore. Can't wait for you to see what I wrote!

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