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Hello, all. I'm a 49-year-old professional writer, formerly of Los Angeles, now living in the town that Ross MacDonald called "L.A.'s most far-flung suburb."

I've had a link to at my website for several months now and I've found the painstakingly detailed Timeline a marvelous reference tool. Only last night, however, did I realize there's a lively and active forum here. I'm happy to join in the fray.
Yes, I was more than happy to become a supporting member since, as I mentioned before, this wonderful site has been a terrific resource for me.
Love Vegas, man. Got married there last August, and will be back weekend after next for some debauchery (only whilst I'm awake).

So welcome, CarversDog; I'll have a look at yer website.
very interesting website you have there, carversdog. and the other, "hemingway's shotgun"? ha, great name! welcome.....
Bastards. I should've known I was amid a group of bastards, he thought. They'll horse whip your ass for sure.

That's when The Idea came to him. He would drop a dime to Father Luke. Old Lukie owed him a favor from way back when ...

Father Luke

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P.S. Bukowski's Dragnet was classic.

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Only last night, however, did I realize there's a lively and active forum here.
Every 6 months or so I consider moving the forum to the main page of the site, so it's the first thing you see. I tried it once but ran into some technical problems that I had no time to fix, so I had to revert. But one day...
The forum may be something we can all participate actively in, but the guts of this site are the words of Buk. Of course, a few people make this forum truly about the fresh, unseen words of Buk, but I think we're just right the way things are. Not to sound like a Conservative {shudders}, but I think the Forum is clear enough to those who have the intestinal fortitude to seek it out.
One caveat: Only serious students and persistent trolls (stay tuned, it'll happen again at some point while you're here). Then again, our esteemed leader is pretty good about dealing with the latter.:cool:

Of course, the two categories I mentioned don't quite cover everyone here. All I mean is that there is the occasional Buk-hater who feels a compelling need to explain how stupid we all are.
Yeah, I recently ended over five years of participation in the Craigs List Literary and Writing forum because it became overwhelmed with trolls who effectively chased away all posters of any value whatsoever. Now, oddly enough, it's mostly a bunch of non-reading trolls chatering away at each other. It's Craig Newmark's fault, really. A number of regular posters begged and pleaded for the forum to be moderated but Craig would hear nothing of it. I'm very happy to see that there is moderation here.


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Any forum will devolve into worthlessness within a year without some moderation, even if it is done with a light touch, as I believe it is here.


"The law is wrong; I am right"
Right! We're all leaders, making decisions by consensus in the best libertarian tradition...:cool:
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