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My name is Mat Gleason, I am a Bukowski aficionado, I once got drunk with Hank and his wife Linda in San Pedro, I had an art gallery and hosted a Michael Montfort exhibition of Bukowski photographs. Hank's writing still resonates with truth and beauty after all these years.
Hiya Mat.
I got drunk with Bukowski every night for about 12 years.
Of course I was just reading his books and empting lonely bottles.

What was the conversation like that night?
Welcome, Mat. (Did I just say "welcome mat"? Yes, I'm afraid I did ...) Good to have someone with such cool Bukowski connections aboard. Like ROC, all of my getting drunk with Buk was with his books, but I was lucky enough to publish a little volume of Bukowski's stuff back in the 80s and we corresponded several times. It's neat to see so many people here with so many different stories and connections. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been!:D

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