Greetings my fellow Buk-aneers (1 Viewer)

Hi, it's with great pleasure I introduce myself to you all.

I'm J from Ireland, a Buk fan for couple of years. The first book I got hold of, rather by accident, was "sifting through the madness.........." and as soon as I finished the first page I exclaimed "yes" aloud, with a sigh of relief rushing through me that felt like the first beer of a hangover morning.

As I read on I kept thinking, "I get him" "I get it" "he gets me" "we're both damned" etc and etc and etc.

My entire outlook on the world has changed as a result of his writing, and might I add, for the better.

I look forward to getting to know some of you

Slainte :)
welcome. glad you found us.

my dad's grandparents were from Cork. I'm Canadian.


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