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I've been enthralled with Buk's work from a somewhat casual viewpoint for years. I'm a graphic designer caught in the throes of some kind of identity crisis... so (predictably), I'm diving into fine art. Sculpture, actually. I've begun a massive portrait of him, using an extremely non-traditional media: nails. I have no clue whether it will turn out; there have been (almost literally) a ton of unforeseen challenges along the way. I'm not here to sell it. Just seeking some encouragement and like-minded philosophy to keep me going! It's going to be a long winter. Thanks!
Sounds interesting. Would love to see some pictures of the process.
Thanks; I appreciate that. I think I'd like to get further along (for confidence sake) before putting it out there (it could still be a magnificent flop). Here is a previous work from the summer rendered with nearly 9,000 various wood screws. Bukowski will be twice as large (cringe).


Fingernails and toenails might be cool media if that doesn't work out. Welcome.
I once read a list of some of the strangest things you could buy online, which included a large jar of finger and toenail clippings... so yes, I could totally do that!
Thanks everyone for the good vibes. I somehow knew this site/forum would contain my kind of people, and I'm really digging the resources as well.
Looking forward to learning more about this incredibly complex, damaged and insanely talented man. Here are some progress shots of the work to date. The piece measures 4' square, and the angles of the nails will increase outward by 2 degrees every few inches from the center. Should look trippy.

Thanks... and yeah, getting it downstairs should prove... interesting. I had originally planned on using a scarred-up old bar table (art gallery-types swoon over that kind of thing), but talk about weight-prohibitive! I am having difficulty locating who may own the rights to that photo... they would certainly require/deserve a cut of the sale (IF it (a) turns out, (b) sells, and (c) doesn't kill me). Would you happen to know where I could begin looking? Shutterstock and Getty own a bunch his public pics, but not that one...

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