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Dr Pepper Diet Cherry Vanilla mixed with J.W. Dant. World Cup demands it. Lolita, behave yourself. gregor and slimedog cater to all scum and villiany but threadkills will not be tolerated.
Great Thread. Good job on that.
MGD ice cold cans poured into frozen glasses. All on top of a tuna sandwich on a hot, damn hot day. It's amazing how much beer you can drink some times, if it's cold enough. I had a great thirst which helps me put a few down when I need 'em.

Oh, and f gregor and slimedog

but I'm drinking the 2006. couldn't find a pic.

Thanks, I get $0.40 every time you buy a bottle. It's called Night Harvest because the family steals the grapes. I know that sounds bad, but trust me, growing grapes is a pain in the ass.
The dainty little Frenchman* on the label has a nice ass. Just sayin'.
Like the ass I used to have. Before I started drinking.

*Oh c'mon Ambreen - he's wearing one of those Monet hats, for crying out loud.
stinkin' hot here today, so I wanted something tall and cool to drink. but all I have is cheap scotch and wine.

so I filled a high ball glass with ice, generous scotch, and topped it with Pellegrino. instant tall and cool!

but I guess that's just a scotch and soda.

note: I only mix cheap scotch, never single malts.

I'll tackle the wine later. stay tuned for drunken posts. heh.

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