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The point that I was trying to make is that you can suspect that she is coached .

my inner cynic agrees with you -

she's the peppy longsocks of saving the world!

that you can suspect that she is coached
So, she might be coached - so what? Every adult speaker, every politician in the world is. And a teen-activist should not be allowed to receive counsel?

Beside, if you watch her two very first speeches, like in Katowice (Dec 2018) or Davos (Jan 2019), she doesn't seem to be very trained. Still she gets her message through in those speeches with a clearness that - to quote from Martin Luther King - "no Gabriel trumpet could have sounded a truer note".

yesterday was another worldwide climate-protest and of course I've been hitting the streets again too (pic).
My yellow sign says: "You want to destroy the planet? Then go on like so!"


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Greta is here!

Sorry Roni, didn't mean to sound like a bully. There are simple thoughts.

There will be a manifestation in Montreal on the 27th.

I'll probably be there. :)
I'm okay with determination, but I'm also okay with laziness. If that young girl is determined with something, fine, go for it, why not, right, but before she decides to change the world, remember that are people that like it the way it is, you know, read the famous genius of the crowd, people that want to change the world are the ones who tell you what you should do, like they know, beware of the knowers. My personal opinion is: the world is perfect, I wouldn't change anything in it. I don't have illusions of immortality, I think everyone deserves to die equally and randomly independent of anything they ever done here, just like it happens, we don't agree with this because we're raised with moral judgmental conventions, take that away and you see how perfect the world is, pure spontaneity. I watch the cats around the house, so many, so different, I've been doing that for ten years, so many different specimens have crossed my sight, they do things to each others that human beings would call unnatural, nonhuman, they do it like it's a banality, they don't judge, they just do, and the others cats don't change there behavior around that specific cat because of something he did, is just a happening, no meaning. For anyone doing a movement of change, in this case environmental, always remember that it doesn't matter if you're succeeded or not, even if we destroy this planet beyond our capability of repairing it, we will go instinct, but the planet will eventually reconstruct itself, it might take millions of years, but it will, and if it doesn't: it doesn't matter. What about us? Maybe we will be something that transcends the material. We're starting to see some changes, electric cars, vegan movement, seems everyone is vegan nowadays, thing's are changing, I don't care if for the better or worse, is a matter of opinion and we can't predict what a event will originate in a long run.
[ change the world,] remember that [there] are people that like it [the world] the way it is.

well, if you belong to these people who like the world as it is:
you maybe should become an activist more than anyone else.
Because otherwise the world may not remain as it is.

Just an idea. I don't intend to make a huge discussion about it.
I unfollowed Greta yesterday. I did the same with Snowden, another hero of our time. It‘s getting boring to follow heroes, you know. So now I follow Trump and Erdogan.
thanks for that - countering my negativity - blame my parents!

i haven't thrown in the towel.
you just caved because he used the word "erectus"???..... seriously, unfortunately very few of us rise up fully erect holding our heads high.. Hunched over we allow our will to be supplanted by our government. Greta's angry, passionate UN speech was beyond moving


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The youtube algorithm recommended that I watch this. Was the first time I heard Greta speak and found her quite likeable. The dude next to her I've never seen before in my life.

Well, to bring it back to Buk, he commented on "the greenhouse effect" in this circa 1990 poem:

I have an unrelated LP from around 1973 which rings the alarm about climate change, and then there's this prescient warning from 1912:

So, despite decades of concern and Greta's elevated profile, real action isn't getting traction, especially in the completely bonkers USA that is officially in full denial, no doubt the result of intense lobbying by vested petro interests. (Exxon squelched their own climate research results in the 1970s and eventually an Exxon CEO became secretary of state in 2017, for just one example of how entrenched Big Oil is in shaping US policy.)

What struck me about Thunberg's speech at a rally in NY was how the crowd reacted by chanting her name. Can you imagine the crowd chanting "Mar-tin, Mar-tin!" at MLK's famous "I Have a Dream" speech in 1963? America's cult of personality mindset seems focused on the messenger more than the message. On the one hand, a high profile spokesperson can be effective in informing the public, but celebrity worship is a dead end as it puts the onus for change on a savior rather than them asses--oops, the masses.
The more I think about the future of the human race the more I am convinced that if there is a future the cornerstones of it must be women.
Men are only allowed to exist in experimental laboratories.
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