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Hey zoopdingle, what have you got against us? You tease us by registering for the forum and then you don't make your first post. We feel neglected and frankly, kind of used. So come on, say hello. You know you want to. Make us feel loved.

I love you guys; really. I do. I'll even buy you a beer next time I see you at your local. :)
well, there you are! we were looking all over. you had us worried sick.

welcome, zoopdingle!
Username? - Maybe it's his real name...:D

Welcome to the Buk-Zoo, Zoop...
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<Elvis>Thank you, thank you very much. </Elvis>

I almost gave up on Bukowski. When someone first suggested his works to me I went to the local bookstore and picked up a copy of the only two Bukowski books they had; "Pulp" and "Run With The Hunted".

I started with "Pulp". If not for my wife putting "Run With The Hunted" in the washroom reading rack I never would have discovered "Women", "Factotum", "Post Office", "Ham On Rye" and my all time favourite poem, "For Jane". "...I call God a liar,.." Man, powerful stuff those things we call "words".

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