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It's Friday afternoon a friend and I were talking at lucnh about groups we would like to see get back together-
Here were our top 4
Pink Floyd
Talking Heads
Mott The Hoople
Husker Du

Oh and the rule is if a member is dead the group can't reunite
it's just a fucking 'utopia',
but I'd really like to see Serge Gainsbourg come alive again and reunite with his own creative spirit of 1968-1972 and do some more IMMORTAL albums like 'Melody Nelson' ...!

THAT would be a real blast !!!
I'd never heard of this guy until some I watched a doco with French friends about him. There was a song that he had and I asked the Frenchies what it was about. They said that it was about a "little hole little hole" :confused:errr ok then Serge :eek:

But groups I'd like to see get back together? There's not too many to be honest. All my band heroes of days gone by are now well and truly into the advanced stages of middle age and I'd prefer to have a 'prime' picture of them in my head

Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
Credence Clearwater Revival
The Animals

it's just a fucking 'utopia',
but I'd really like to see Serge Gainsbourg come alive again and reunite with his own creative spirit of 1968-1972 and do some more IMMORTAL albums like 'Melody Nelson' ...!

THAT would be a real blast !!!
Yeah! I can relate to that


old and in the way
Wendy's dead too.

Buffalo Springfield (though I seem to remember reading that Bruce Palmer had died), The Count Five and the 1973 line-up of King Crimson get my vote.

Father Luke

Founding member
The Crickets

The Ramones

Bob Marley and the Wailers

The Velvet Underground


Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton
(What the heck. Why not.)
To clarify Syd is dead but hehe was also absent.
Putting him in Floyd is pretty much the same (to me) as putting Pete Best in the Beatles
Best by the way still tours. He played a car wash in my hometown of 90,000 people. HOw much do you think he autograph is on this shammy?
In no way can Syd be compared to pete Best. How many Great Beatles albums were written about how much Paul missed Pete?

Give me Lynyrd Skynyrd and Pantera


"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
pearls before swine
[This video is unavailable.]

eyeless in gaza (although they had a gig in Greece this year or last year?
Just found out they have played in Greece, but who cares.

modern english
is it of Any use to vote AGAINST the reunion of Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Genesis, et al...?

(too late, I know ...)
Yes you are correct Roni-gentle indeed.
Does Germany see Kraftwork as an oddity or as a group ahead or at least apart from their time?

Father Luke

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The (3) Stooges (with Shemp)
The Stooges (With Iggy)

Janis Joplin and Big Brother

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis
Charlie McCarthy and W.C. Fields
Looks like a good number of Morphine fans here. They used to hang in Central Square in Cambridge, about 3/4 of a mile from my current residence. Met Dana Colley at the Plough and Stars, and now Jerome Deupree drums for a friend of mine who plays fretless bass (as well as two-string fretted - giving that Morphine sound) and was majorly influenced by the Sandman.

Shortly after his death in 1999, the corner of Brookline Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue in Central Square was named Mark Sandman Square in his honor, and the sign, as well as his memory, remains to this day.
As I mentioned above, they were based in Cambridge (Massachusetts). I suppose I should've mentioned that is wasn't Cambridge, England. Anyway, "Early to Bed" from "Like Swimming" was their best-known track, although they remained primarily an Indie band in terms of their following. The line-up was as follows:

Mark Sandman: 2-String bass and vocals
Dana Colley: Baritone sax
Jerome Deupree and/or Billy Conway: Percussion

Sandman had a really brooding sound to his customized bass guitar and most of the material was rather dark, but certainly not morbidly so.

Definately worth a listen.
Another Bostonian here, at least for 3 more days, and I can attest to the goodness of Morphine, I saw him play the Central Square festival just a few months before he died.



I missed this thread the first time around. I will use the "Pete Best Rule" and urge The Replacements to reunite. Since Bob Stinson was supplanted by Slim Dunlap, I will go ahead and knock Dunlap out of the picture to play lead guitar myself.

Hey it's my fantasy...

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