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That's pretty clever.

It reminds me of figuring out ways to play through the living room stereo console when I was a kid. Those things had massive tube amplifiers and 12" speakers in them. You could really make some noise.
Hi guys

I've come to realize I really like the sound of telecasters for rock. At least I think so

So for a while I've been playing with the thought of looking at some of them to see if I bond. Before I do so, however, I would like to ask in which direction I should go.

For a good tele ROCK tone, is there anything I should avoid - either for playability or tone etc?
I need money to spend on all of these great ideas for guitars I have.. But here's the latest one - a twangy hollow body guitar.

Both guitars gretsch vs epiphone are in about the same price range, and as far as I know they both have reasonably comparable tone. I play indie and post-punk revival sort of stuff, and usually play clean, but when I put on the distortion, I really let it roar. A hollow body could be good for feedback.

My current guitar (which will continue to be my main guitar) is a Fender Tele.

I'm basically just wondering which people prefer. There's a new Casino out, but it's only in a limited run and I doubt I'll have the cash to get the guitar before they're all sold.


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Well, to be fair I've never seen anyone play this song with their eyes open.

Wait, that's not true. There was this open mic night a few years back at Bearly's House of Blues here in town. Sloppy Craig did a version where he made a point of maintain eye contact with the audience. He would pick someone while he was playing and stare at them until they looked away and then he would pick someone else. This went on the entire time he played. I should put played in italics, because he didn't have a guitar, just a big board with some uncooked spaghetti glitter glued to it. It may have been spaghettini, I didn't get a good look.

Anyway, Sloppy Craig rubbed the pasta and sort of opened and closed his mouth, not actually singing, and really if he didn't say "This is 'May This Be Love' by Jimi Hendrix" before he started I would have had no idea what he was on about.

He did his thing for about 45 minutes until he started crying and while he stared at me with tears on his cheeks I put a five dollar bill on the stage and left.

I would have preferred to hear him not play "Hey Joe," but Sloppy Craig gained a new fan that night.