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just picked up this little pamphlet on ebay. not sure of the year, but it came with some other new orleans memorabilia dated 1955...
what year did they move to the quarter?

I have one of those pamphlets. It is cool. Mine has the Lou's Studio stamp. I probably bought it from the same person. It was a few years ago. There was a little blue chap and a little white chap. Both were about N.O.

Maybe they have more. If so, maybe they would leke to sell them to members here?

very cool! I thought that the date of 1955 was wrong, but that article that she has framed in that picture makes no mention of OUTSIDER, so it is probably right.

and I must say; one HELL of a fine first post. Welcome!

It's odd to see a clear color photo like that. It makes the whole scene of her out on the street selling art seem more palpable somehow, and not just old and dusty.
Wow, that's a great photo of Lou!
Thanks a lot, ElectroSpark!
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