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in one of the books of letters -I think in Screams...- B mentions a letter Miller wrote to him; Miller tells him not to drink too much and B makes fun of this. I can't recall if this happened before or after the Webbs published Miller instead of B in the Outsider magazine and B got angry -childishly so- and wrote them off in one of the Open City weekly columns. I think it was before, but I'm too lazy to check it out now.
anyway, during a long time I thought B had made it up. I mean, the Miller letter. but when I was working hard :rolleyes: at the UCSB I came across this letter. luckily, I copied it.
if anybody is interested, I could post it here.


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Yeah Cire. Stop the teasing and start squeezing!


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couldn't find that one. I've got thousands of copies here and it's hard to find some of the stuff. anyway, while trying to find that Miller letter I came across another Miller letter I had forgotten about.

I also uploaded the first letters Martin wrote to Bukowski. Note the moderate, admiring tone!


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I have a letter from Miller to Bukowski that was printed by Table-Talk Press. Here's the bibliographic information on the item:

(Bukowski, Charles). DEAR FRIEND: A LETTER FROM HENRY MILLER (Santa Barbara: Table-Talk Press, 1987) First edition. Single sheet folded once and printed on both sides. One of 250 copies. Prints a letter from Henry Miller to Charles Bukowski regarding books, painting, drinking. Printed as a holiday greeting by the press.

If I can find it, I'd be happy to scan it and post it somewhere.
in one of the books of letters -I think in Screams...- B mentions a letter Miller wrote to him; Miller tells him not to drink too much and B makes fun of this.
Those two should have gotten together... if for nothing else, Miller was into excellent wines! God, I would have loved to be privy to that conversation if it had transpired. But it's not surprising they never connected on the same wave length, as Bukowski just "couldn't ingest" Miller, though it wasn't a problem the other way around, and I think Miller ended up coming off better in this misfiring literary exchange. Miller didn't help though, telling another writer what to do in his personal habits. They were from different worlds even though they still wrote about many of the same things that can interfer in the life of the writer. Not to mention, both were appreciative of women and were obsessed by them, focused, and wrote about what happened in and out of the bedroom, time and time again (yeah... the "in" and the "out"). That's why I liked them.


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holy shit, this thread really died. Jason, post that damned letter, IF YOU PLEASE!
I'll post it tonight.

and here it is.

very nice letter. did anyone see the innerview miller did with dick cavett back in the mid-70s or late 70s? its probably out there some where. i just remember thinking what a cool old guy he was then.



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is it just me or does this letter seem a little too formal? maybe it's just me because i talk to everyone as if I had known them for years, even if we've just met.

Does anyone know which book Miller is referring to in the second letter claiming it's worth double the price publishers are asking?

I'm thinking these are the only possibilities:
Flower, Fist and Bestial Wail
Run with the Hunted
Longshot Pomes for Broke Players
It Catches My Heart In Its Hands
Crucifix in a Deathhand
Confessions of a Man Insane Enough to Live with Beasts
(depending on the actual date of publication)

Possibly Cold Dogs in the Courtyard?

- emku
yeah, I posted that today, when I came upon this letter while flipping through Buk-related scans.
This statement by Miller is no news around here and Buk has talked about it at several occasions, I think. But for fans of facsimiles (which I am) it's nice to see the original handwriting.

while we're at it: please feel free to visit our facebook-page and like it (very much).
The stuff I'm posting there is only very seldom unkown around here (or if it is, it mostly concerns German aspects of Bukowskiana), but hey, the German folks want to get their share of Bukowski too.
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No, but I want to work with someone like Bill Roberts on several very limited Bukowski pieces. Not trying to make any money, I just want to get stuff out there. I can't wait until I retire to put all my effort into it.
Below is the response from Bukowski, published in Kauri - No. 11 - November/December - 1965. The format is a bit confusing, but my guess is that Bukowski's response morphed into a poem. I've seen this before from that period. Enjoy!

Miller1.jpg Miller2.jpg


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That's great. Thanks for sharing it. I have this idea, maybe incorrect, that Bill Roberts doesn't visit the forum anymore. At various times in the past he published work by Bukowski, but I don't think he's done any of that in a quite a while. No doubt he got permission from Linda Lee Bukowski. I don't know if he had to pay the estate for one time publication rights or what. Probably did. Babs, are you in touch with Bill? He's active on Facebook. It's my understanding that he does a little publishing these days, but nothing like he did back when Bottle of Smoke was going strong.


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I follow him on Facebook, and he seems to be in a good place these days. I wish he would come back to the forum. His knowledge of books in general and Bukowski specifically make him a valuable contributor to the discussions here.

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