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I saw that recently on one of the PBS stations. It's good quality, but it's the half hour version, and unfortunately stretched to fit widescreen. The 60 minute version that's floating around is still the best out there, despite it's relative fuzziness.

Pogue Mahone just sent me a VHS tape that I'll look at this weekend. It has the Hackford film on it, but he isn't sure which version. If it's the 60 minute version - and if it's better than what's already out there - I'll rip it and put it up on YouTube. I don't hold out a lot of hope for a really clean version, but who knows.
Anyone else notice that the KCET 28min. edit has two readings that are not in the 46 or 60min. versions? They are “Man Mowing The Lawn” and “Shoelace”. Would be great if someone could do another edit and place them in the 60min. version.

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