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I saw this today and I'm wondering what the remote desert - or a trailer home - has to do with Ham on Rye.


Seems like Ham on Rye has had more (English language) covers than any other Bukowski title...




That last one is especially awful.
It's just unbelievable. Non of them really make sense. And the last one of the multi-color kid -- I guess it's an attempt to make it "Burning Man" modern, but the kid looks like he has autism and I don't think Buk would have liked it.

No one really pisses on Barbara Martin here and I agree with the sentiment. But the real approach should have been Buk doing a drawing that encapsulated his feelings about the book. Much like the early chaps.
I'm all for the original BSP-cover (and I am not always a fan of Barbara Martin's designs). It makes perfect sense and has a historical approach to the person of the writer who's giving his autobiography here.

Who is Roddy Doyle? Is his introduction any good?
@roni Doyle is an Irish writer. Amazing? No. Enjoyable? Sure. A bunch of his novels have been made into movie. The biggie is The Commitments. Actually I read A Star Called Henry 6(?) months ago that really was an excellent novel.
Here's one roni, hope I haven't missed anything out. Had a bit of a carry on converting it to something I could move, don't understand the Cloud thing!


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i was looking for some covers... is the brazilian edition the only one with this crumb drawing on it?

by the way, is there any thread comparing international covers?


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