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Maybe I missed where this has been discussed before, but I came across this in an ebay listing:

In the last few weeks, Cyril Humphris finished a script based on "Ham on Rye" by the late Los Angeles writer Charles Bukowski. Right now, he is casting it and closing the contract - it is to be produced by Amblin Entertainment, a branch of Chesterfield Films.
Has anyone heard anything else?

Here is the listing:
I just scoured the IMDB Pro and found nothing. Amblin Entertainment has posted nothing so far. You can usually see what's upcoming there. So there you have it. But of course that may mean absolutely nothing at all.
I can't quite figure out whether that quoted paragraph is written recently or in the past. The catalog up for bid relates to an auction dated 10 January 1995. The associated text on eBay is a mixture of present and past tense.
That quote doesn't make sense anyway. I've never heard of a screenwriter casting a film. Even big shot screenwriters (e.g. Tarantino) who could cast their own films don't.

Anyway, it would be very difficult to top Crazy Love.
I don't mind Franco (Palo Alto wasn't too bad), but I hope if he does follow up on a Ham on Rye project that he manages to do it some justice. From what I have heard, he has purchased the rights to make the adaption. So I imagine it's set in stone. Unless he dies.
From what I have heard, he has purchased the rights to make the adaption. So I imagine it's set in stone.
Actually, the majority of options on books never get made into films. The options are relatively cheap (they would spend more on craft services - food for the cast and crew - if the film was shot) and they are bought both with the intention of making films and as way to prevent "someone else" from making a film.

Whatever this actor's intentions are, the odds are against the film ever being made. Case in point; Taylor Hackford buying the option on Post Office more than 30 years ago. But no Post Office film was ever made.
Thanks for the information, no idea how the intricacies of filmmaking work so I'll take what you say as canon, the only reason I believe the project is probable is due to Franco's output/work ethic and over-saturation of himself. Guess we'll see what happens, interested to know what your view of him is? That is of course if you do have one. Also just noticed that comic sans is not a font option.
Franco [...] interested to know what your view of him is?
I don't know anything about him. Maybe he's just the maverick to get 'er done. I don't know. I do think that Ham On Rye would benefit from being an independent production, rather than a bloated piece of Hollywood studio shit.

Anyway, all of my knowledge of how Hollywood works is 20 years old, so take it with a grain of salt. Maybe they've changed. Har har.

Fun SOPA/PIPA-related fact: Did you know that "Hollywood" as we know it was formed because Thomas Edison held a patent on the film making process and he was the only one allowed to make films on the East coast? Aspiring film makers had to come to the other side of the country in order to pirate his technology and piss in the face of his patents. That's the only way they could create the lovely industry that today wants to crush any new technology that threatens its ability to remove billions of dollars from your pocket in exchange for the stale old stories recycled from other movies and television shows.

Irony? Hypocrisy? You tell me.
Franco's a pretty cool cat. Lately he writes for Playboy.

I forgive him for being Oz; guy's gotta pay the bills. Who knows? Maybe it won't suck. It's hard to hate anything that involves flying monkeys.

Looking forward to a Ham on Rye film. Allegedly, one of Franco's favorite books. For me as well.

Maybe Penn will get a chance to wear the blood and vomit stained shirt after all...?

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