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Dear world of literature,

My english professor has recently given us an assignment which entails that we must select a novel (of merit) of our choosing, read five or more professional criticisms/reviews, and comment on the existing reviews and add to the debates and opinions. I chose Ham on Rye, my favorite Bukowski novel. Does anyone know of any quality criticisms or reviews that I use for this assignment? All help is genuinely appreciated.

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you google the title + review
Nah, it sounds like a hard work.

School assignments are simply not worth it.
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I did that and only came up with two paragraph newspaper reviews saying they liked the book but thought it was too graphic or book club reviews by people who thought it came on too strong. I'm looking for something more along the lines of analyses on tone, implementation of literary devices, and style, so any nudge in that general direction would be great.
JSTOR, Gale Literary Index, and Contemporary Literary Criticism databases are your best bet for something so recent. I don't have access any longer so I don't know if they have Buk stuff, but... that's a place to start. In theory, your school should have access to those databases though.

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