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Handwritten rejection from Barbara Fry (1 Viewer)

What useless horseshit.
You gotta have some sort of sickness to wanna buy something so inconsequential and meaningless.

And dig the description: "Charles Bukowski, the famous beat poet"

I own an envelope addressed by Bukowski but it was bought for me as a surprise. I would have never bought it on my own. I don't need these pieces of paper or once-touched-by-Bukowski articles in order to better appreciate the man and his talent. Some of you here seem little more than grave robbers and antique dealers in training. Wanna buy something special of Buk's for as cheap as you can and then re-sell it in the future at a profit to some other talentless schmuck.

No hard feelings, but really, is this a forum to discuss & share all things Bukowski, or is it some fucken new offshoot of Ebay??
This particular forum is a fucking offshoot of eBay, since that's the only place you can find a lot of these things without paying thousands of dollars to a rare book dealer or auction house.

I wouldn't assume anyone here is buying to resell. But you're the expert on human behavior and ART and what's important, so I won't argue with you.
Brother Schenker said:
You gotta have some sort of sickness to wanna buy something so inconsequential and meaningless.
I don't know if anyone here will buy it, but it's interesting to look at because we have no history of Barbara Fry really, and she was married to Bukowski. This note shows that she was bitter after their divorce, and the fact that she put a question mark after "poet" is very funny. To me, anyway.
I find it interesting, but I wouldn't buy it.

The whole Bukowski I'm-the-Outsider-Here story while he was in Texas is sure one of the funniest passages in his life.
Yea, I know I can be a know-it-all asshole sometimes...it's just hot air and not meant to hurt anyone's feelings or sensibilities...

I think it's a hideous note for ending as shittily & confusingly as this:"frankly ? I don't like your barren word calling."

What a pretentious, know-nothing cunt.
Bukowski was too good for her.
I'm glad she was missing a vertebrae.
Brother Schenker said:
What a pretentious, know-nothing cunt.
That's the impression I always got too. It's funny that Bukowski married her. He always said that he didn't care about her family's money, but you have to wonder.
"The Day I Kicked Away a Bankroll" is a little, early masterpiece, very rhythmic. The bankroll kind of symbolizes the whole Barbara/Bukowski relationship.
well, she DID choose purple-stickpin over Buk....so...

pretentious or not, you gotta give her credit for giving Buk a shot.
as much as we love his writing I think it's safe to assume that back in them days he wouldn't have been the easiest man in the world to live with.
he doesn't play up the tortured artist trip in his writings but he no doubt would've seemed that way to a traditional woman expecting a typical domestic situation.
the thing that makes you write, the beast within, loosens up WHEN you're writing, but sometimes it bangs around inside and refuses to be written out and you're left feeling irritable & grouchy & moody.
plus he was an alcoholic & gambler...so I'm sure he would've been a handfull back in those days no matter who he had married.

i think she got a WHOLE LOT more than she bargained for. she was merely playing with poetry...while Buk was the REAL deal.

anyway, i felt sorry for her & Buk when I saw that pic of her in Sounes' Bio.
it is a touching photo and he looks genuinely gentle & protective.
poor little chimp-neck lady...looked a bit crippled...and Buk mentioned her in a story or poem and referred to her as a "real looker"...but she wasn't, poor dear.

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