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this is a page from my new book work, All Done But None that i thought people in this forum might be into. if not, please ignore, trash, burn, murder, kick, pee or spit upon.

thank you.


click here to see the text that goes with it.


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wow, the books look fantastic... the art on that page is a great juxtaposition.

how much are you charging for them? too bad there probably won't be a trade edition...


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Thank you Jordan! I would love it if I could do a trade edition. I asked a few small presses, but alas no luck yet. The handmade ones are a bit under $1500 each. A lot of work in them. I wish I had a version I could sell for 10 bucks. (Those would be a lot easier to sell.)


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one good thing about this forum is that you won't need to justify asking $1500 for a book to the people here...

good luck selling them, though... there are enough wealthy collectors in LA to buy up 20, I'd imagine.


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Indeed they are! Let's hope a trade edition will be possible at a later date...
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If you're in Los Angeles you can come see the book at the gallery reception on Saturday night.

George Billis Gallery, 2716 S. La Cienega Blvd., Culver City (310) 838-3685

Carol won't toot her own horn, so I'll do it for her. ;) Her previous artist's book was purchased by the Getty Museum for their permanent collection, and an artist's book expert who has been in the field since the 1960's recently saw this new book at the gallery and called it "perfect."

The pictures really don't do it justice.

</end flagrant book pimping>


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Carol, I've visited your website before, through links on mjp's page....
I didn't comment before but after seeing your new book I feel I should. your work is very original, and that is the highest compliment that should (could?) be given to artists.
anyway, nice stuff, and you deserve all the accolades coming to you.


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thank you cunningham & hoochmonkey. and bill and bukfan. i appreciate the supportive words.

sometimes artists and writers get lost in the dark and feel like crap for trying. the trick is "don't try" i know, but it's easy to forget in the context of the stupid "scene" and all things sycophantical. "beware the average man."

i look to hank for inspiration and to keep honesty in my work, despite my ugly moments of desperation and need for approval (i blame daddy.)

whenever i forget or lose my way and/or mind, i can always find pieces of myself in hearing a buk interview or reading a few lines of prose.

and mjp keeps me on track. his unbreakable, timeless teenaged punk rock attitude snaps me out of getting caught up in the rules of the game. he reminds me who's game it is in the first place.


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