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The Cruelty of Loveless Love
Recently Water Row Press put up for sale on ebay a bunch of newer poetry mags that include some Bukowski poems referred to as " Hank's Ghetto Poems". Anyone know anything about these, seem weird to be popping up in mags from 2009.
The magazine is outta San Pedro and Mike Watt is probably involved somehow. Mike Watt knows Linda. They seem to have poems in every issue, although I believe that they are all available in collections.

That's not a poetry mag, strictly speaking. It's a zine about music and other random shit in San Pedro. Watt did an interview with Linda in one issue, but it's not his mag.

Water Row is an asshole, so don't pay any attention to anything he types. Most of what he's selling people gave to him for free. It's all scraps and crap.
MJP you're always good for a well needed laugh, thanks for the heads up. So is Bill correct that most of them have been published elsewhere?

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