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Pogue Mahone

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As I recall, there is a short story in Hot Water Music, where a "cultured" woman grabs a sculpture of Buk's head off the lawn and keeps it for a few romantic evenings, before Buk come to get it because his crazy girlfriend who made it wants it back. Buk tries to get her into bed, but it doesn't work out and he takes the head back to the crazy woman who made it. Anyway, if you like that story, here is your chance to have your own romantic evening:s



That is not the head. The head that you are talking about is by Linda King. A bronze casting was made. I saw the original sculpture in her apartment. It is life size. Hank had a large melon.



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I think the likeness could have been better. It's pretty small too. I wonder what it's made of. For the price he's asking, you could have bought a copy of Linda King's Buk bust in plaster on Ebay a while back. That would have been a much better buy, I think. At least that one has a Buk history behind it and the likeness is great.
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