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Gerard K H Love

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N.P.R. ( Garrison Keillor) mentioned that today is Miranda July's birthday. She was born February 15th 1974. She is a writer, film maker, artist and actress.

Her web site.

She is out there, in a good way almost like the Martha Stewart of weirdness.
she's on the cover of Modern Painters this month.

The book title is, "It Chooses You", which is exactly what Buk told a student at a reading when he asked Buk if he would suggest writing as a career - "Writing chooses you, you don't choose it", Buk told him (in the short story, "Would You Suggest Writing As A Career?", from "Erections...").
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Me and You and Everyone We Know is the only movie I own. I love it. She's great. Those kids are great!
Learning To Love You More is a really sweet book by her & Harrell Fletcher.

"The Martha Stewart of Weirdness" is a good way to put it.

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