Happy birthday 1fsh2fsh! (1 Viewer)

Ha!, more like 5fsh4fsh! thanks guys..... and congrats (?) to HANK SOLO & FATHER LUKE its good to know that you got our backs.
I hope you have enjoyed your birthday, 1fsh2fsh
(If you like, tell us how it was?)

Father Luke & Hank Solo: congrats on your new Full Time Jobs!
I Think I'll join you in a nice red Black Swan. And I know Father Luke won't mind if I have his too.

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday (belatedly - it's Wednesday here already sorry :))
Man, I'm always late with this. Stupid time-shift: I usually never can jump in in time after the first Americans posted.
But it's heart-felt:

Happy Birthday 1fsh2fsh!
I was trying to find you a picture of a nice cake for your birthday, and I just couldn't find one.
So, here is a cat's eye nebula!
I hope that you have a good one.

Hey - Happy Birthday

Now where's the lady with this year's cake?

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