Happy Birthday, Bill! (1 Viewer)


stop the penistry
wow the birthdays are coming thick and fast!

it's not actually your birthday in the US, but as usual, it IS your birthday here in NZ, so happy birthday, thank you for all you contribute here, and thank you for all the amazing support, advice and encouragement you have given me personally. have a lovely day tomorrow with your family :)

you're an awesome dude, bill, and we're lucky to have you here.
Ah, midnight in Dover, DE.

Happy birthday, Bill!
Tell us about the birthday presents you've received.
Bill -

Quite a bold move to schedule your birthday so close to mjp's.
I salute you sir. You are ruthless in your quest for cake.
But, in fact he might just suspend
your delegates to the convention.

So keep that in mind.

Double L

Forgot to add the cake....


Mmmm...cake and coffee.
here's my very original contribution:
Happy Birthday babe!
Hope you not only have SMOKE in your BOTTLE but some booze also.

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