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"The law is wrong; I am right"
Happy Birthday, Black Swan! Have a great party. :)

A very Happy Birthday to you !
We are expecting a series of paintings to detail the festivities.

Grab that brush ! But have some cake first....

Great morning here in Arnhem, with Ponder.
Thank you all for the birthday wishes.
I am expanding, listening to new british bands.
The party has begun, no brushes today.;)
thank you so much.
Now, dancing to The Dandy Warhols, trying to show Ponder a few hippie swirling moves as he is jumping up and down, punk style on the same tunes.
Go figure:confused:, we have had coffee and orange juice so far,
un-spyked (spell?).

Joyeux anniversaire, Black Swan !

À bientÃ't en chair et en os, j'espére.

You like the Daddy Warhols ? You must see the mockumentary DIG!, then.
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yes, yes, have a good one!

and like ambeen mentioned, if you like the dandy warhols (or the brian jonestown massacre), you must see DIG!
Happy Birthday. May you be inspired to paint like a Dutch Master.

Yeah! Just watched one dvd out of 8, I got as a present, first one of Van Gogh, of course, Picasso, Caravaggio, Bernini, Rembrandt, Turner, Jacques-Louis David, Rothko.
Received several cd's : the Kooks, Dandy Wharols, The Sound (the Dutch Radio Recordings in Arnhem 1983) and Townes Van Zandt "Flying Shoes".
And last, an original obituary of Dave Van Ronk and flowers (sunflowers, red roses and purple ones).
Maybe I am forgetting a home cooked spinach pie (my favorite) with both red wine and white wine, as the day went by.
Of course Bukowski was mentioned on a few occasions. Good night!
Thank you all, having a great day.
Sorry , I'm to late !
I hope you got a good party and best wishes to your birthday belatedly !
Dance to the Dandy Warhols and the Sound , that`s nice !
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I'm the first one to post, yeah!


Je pense trés fort à toi. ;)
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Happy Birthday, Black Swan! Ponder has it all wrong -- he's supposed to make you breakfast, not the other way around.

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