Happy Birthday BUKFAN & hank solo

Gerard K H Love

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In Denmark they fly a flag on your house for your birthday.

In the U.K. maybe you just drink.
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Her's a flag anyway.
Happy Birthday on my oldest daughter's birthday.
There is no hidden meaning in the bigger flag for hank solo.

Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
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Now it looks like we need a moderator to consolidate for us.


Happy Birthday to two of our favorite Europeans!!!

Black Swan

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happy birthday to hank solo and bukfan,
have a fun day with your favorite people
and your favorite food and drinks



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Two of my favorites, celebrating a birthday together! Many happy returns ... warm wishes and a snifter of cognac to you. (And thanks for providing me with a totally unneeded excuse to drink ...)

hank solo

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Yes, Happy Birthday Bukfan and Me!!

Thanks for the good wishes everyone.

I'm just sipping some cognac myself, Harry! And later a small cigar or two - I'm feeling grown up so I'm going to treat myself. Cheers.

*kof* The UK isn't in Europe.
Actually... it sort of is. Don't let that little bit of water fool you...

ttfn :rolleyes:


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Happy birthday, guys!

Bukfan: I hope you enjoy my birthday present ;)
hank solo: Thanks for all the good work on buknet!


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Happy Birthday, Hank Solo! Have a great day!

Thanks, everybody! You have made an old cynics heart much softer ;)

It seems like there's a lot of Scorpios on Buknet!

Ponder: You bet! I enjoy your birthday present a lot! It's not everyday one get's a signed and numbered BSP book! Thanks a lot, Jan!!
(Harvey Mudd: A European Education)

Gerard: Thanks for posting the flags!
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Happy Birthday both! Sorry, I'm late but I can't connect on weekends. I'll clean the ashtrays and carry away the empty bottles.


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Happy happy belated birthday, babies!

You both kick ass! Have a whale of a good time!
I'll have a drink to you tonight, listening to our masters voice.


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Happy belated to you both.

If your B-days are anything like mine used to be, the scrapes are probably healing up nicely by now...


"The law is wrong; I am right"
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Neither, I'm afraid (I settled for your birthday flag! ;)). I read a bit in Ponder's birthday gift and later on I went playing snooker (I've been playing snooker for many years)...
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Gerard K H Love

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That's on the over sized pool table, right? One game I watched they called it golf. 27 years ago.
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