Happy Birthday, d gray! (1 Viewer)

holy shit! i was just checking in before i crashed and whaddaya know!
thanks dudes - it's not midnite here yet so i'll wallow in my youth for a couple more hours. all i got for my b-day so far is a bad summer cold.
thanks again xo
Man! you don't miss Any of the important members!
How you manage that?

You see, Roni, I've made a list of all the important members birthdays and every morning after breakfast I compare the birthday dates on the list to my calender, and when I see somebody is having his or her birthday today I turn on my computer and create a birthday thread. You know, "Ordnung muss sein", as you Germans say. :rolleyes:

No, of course not! Sometimes I just happen to notice somebody's birthday on the front page of the forum, and sometimes I don't notice it - just like everybody else...
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Happy Birthday and thank you very much for your many contributions to this forum. d gray, you are a good ol' boy. Have some chicken soup and get better.
thanks again. well the good news is i don't have bronchitis.
the bad news is i can't get loaded tonite on my birthday godammit!
life just ain't fair...
belated thanks ponder - i don't know how you guys figured out my true identity. :rolleyes:
unfortunately i got it backwards - my rotting corpse walks the streets and
the never aging me is locked in the attic (of my mind)
If you can stand one more late, apologetic, but sincere HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....

Hope it was a good one
and many, many more !


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