Happy Birthday, Father Luke! (1 Viewer)

Hey, man - Thanks you guys - and Happy Happy to penelope5683

hoping that penelope5683 has a happy day, too.

I sent her a private message here at the forum.

I mentioned that penelope5683 ha a certain hidden code.
Anyone know what I mean?

I'll disclose if no one knows,
and if we don't hear from penelope5683

- -
For all my friends! - Charles Bukowski
I mentioned that penelope5683 ha(s) a certain hidden code.
Anyone know what I mean?

I'll disclose if no one knows,
and if we don't hear from penelope5683

5683 = love?

We have a winner!

On the telephone, and other alpha-numeric key pads, if you follow the
lettering on the number pad, you will spell out this magic word with these

Neat, huh?

So happy happy to penelope5683, and thanks again!
Happy birthday! Keep writing good poetry!
I wish that new ideas for yours poems will be easy to found.
Have a nice party. Drink for us ;)
I'll have a drink for you FL-what did you drink when you drank? I'll ordr two oe for you and one for me
Would you like a brailled birthday card?
Two was usually what I drank,
and then a little bit more, so that's just fine.

Braille would be fine, as long as the card is shaped like boobs?

Thanks for the kind thoughts.
Hope you have a good day of it, I ain't been out here in weeks, so can't tell if it's today or last month. Perhaps there's a good diner close by, and you're being a regular, you get treated to the Meatloaf Special on the house, or maybe a carload of crazy chicks drive by and flash you, or maybe you just get the smile of a friendly dog.

There's poetry in those words.

I met a woman, and we spent some time enjoying each other's company.
She drove me to the beach, and we counted waves, and we talked. It was a
first date.

We drove to the house where my parents made me 48 years ago. It's local,
and near to where I now live. We stopped and got out and looked around. I
knelt down and scratched an orange tabby cat in the dark.

She and I had some dinner. Turns out we're both vegetarians. Then I called
her the wrong name before I left her for the night. I'm seeing her again

Also, someone I care very much about found some work I'm proud of, and
offered me recognition. How wonderful it is to be known for that which you
are most proud of.

All it all it was a magical day. Thanks.

- -
Father Luke
I like the way that being 48 years old is starting out for me.

sounds like you had a great day f. luke,
i hope many many more will find you.

Counting waves..now thats a great day

Yeah. The dinner with the tabby cat was the greatest. She asked me to dine
with her on mice when I scratched her in the dark, a very erotic spot indeedy-do.

(see, this is why rewriting helps a piece of written work)

Thanks again everyone.

- -
Father Luke
Happy belated birthday Father Luke, Hoochmonkey, oh, and that guy from Finland, Bukfan.

I hope I didn't forget anybody!

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