Happy Birthday Hank !

I'm planning on picking up some Henieken later and making my way through War All The Time. I'll probably also read "This is What Killed Dylan Thomas", a personal favorite.....


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just enough vodks 7's to burn a couple holes in my shirt!!! alone of course,unless any old whores stop by!!
Happy Birthday Bukowski.
Officially 86'd.
Thank you for all your stories, wit, and charm.
Wish I could've known you.

zoom man

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Yeah, Ditto...
Tho I'm sure you wouldn't have liked me ;)

I wonder what he would think of the world today,
12 years later and so different.
I can not imagine what it will be like 12 years from now,
Christ, 2018

To you Buk,
I hope someone's on the hill to pour you a beer


"The law is wrong; I am right"
Happy birthday Buk! It's been 12 years since you passed and you're more popular than ever. You have certainly added to to the quality of my life!
I hope that you're all right up there with the gods and that you and them are celebrating your birthday, drinking some fine german Riesling...
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it's 0:20 now in Germany.

... since we tend to congratulate every important member of buknet - Here's to the Most important one!!!

"To Never end up
at All.
to be immortal in this tomb of a world
having all the cigaretts
or wine
in the world!"

(not verbatim from: 'Poem for my 43rd Birthday')


"The law is wrong; I am right"
It's past midnight here too, so...

Happy Birthday, Buk! Have a big cigar and a bottle of Riesling! We all love you!
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I think that I think too much
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Hank, I've poured the last one for the both of us, "to luck". Happy Birthday old friend, and thanks.....

Father Luke

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12:30 here.



"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
88 is a good number.
Tonight is a night to watch the Bukowski Tapes.
Bottle of organic red wine, smokes.
Best wishes to Linda Lee.
It's funny. The night before last, I watched a bit of "The Bukowski Tapes," and I've had a yen lately to pull out "The Night Torn Mad with Footsteps," "Slouching Toward Nirvana," "Notes of a Dirty Old Man," and "Post Office."

Scratch that.

My entire collection of Bukowski books, really, including the volumes of letters.

Now I know why I wanted to.

Happy birthday Hank, and thank you for all the work that changed me in heart and mind when I was 19, and still affects me the same way at 24.

I should request "Barfly" again from the L.A. County library system. From no other writer could you get the line, "Your mother's cunt smells like carpet cleaner."


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88. double infinity.
is that even possible, double infinity?
well, Buk made most things seem possible.
Happy Birthday.


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Forum user Ham on Ryan is also celebrating a birthday today! What are the odds?!

Oh yeah, 1:365.
wanted to read one Buk book today and drink a lot of gut rot in honor of him

war all the time and 8$ 3L livingston red rose

I'm on Horsemeat right now and a dead man's birthday never felt so alive

happy 88 Buk!