happy birthday MJP


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Happy Birthday, mjp! Have a fantastic day.

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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
[ ]

That was a cheap joke.

O, you give it a likey?? I'll put it back for you then.

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No, I don't hate likeys. Though I'll admit that when I first came across them I thought they were kind of dumb. But now if I'm on a forum that doesn't have a "like" function I feel ripped off.


"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Since w're using the like button on buknet I notice that people got lazy. Less inspired to respond.
I find the feature so impersonal. I can't help it. Move on.
[...] on buknet I notice that people got lazy. Less inspired to respond.[...]
sometimes there's nothing more to respond than a 'like'.
It IS a statement.

in many cases, replies that only want to confirm and say 'yes', tend to become novels, which is annoying.
thank G*D for the 'like'-button!

Feel free to like this.
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This is the first time I realize, that mjp's birthday is the same day as my last girlfriend's, which I forgot this year as well as his'.
Too bad.

Oh, and happy birthday btw.

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