happy birthday, number6horse! (1 Viewer)


stop the penistry
due to my astonishing ability to see one day into the future, i have ascertained that it is dave's birthday tomorrow.

never too early to start celebrations/drinking/general-birthday-debauchery!

i made you a cake:


have a great day!
Thanks everybody - what a great way to start my birthday. Now if I could only get a real piece of that cake....;)

I got up early, slapped a fresh set of strings on the guitar, and now I'm headed over to the indoor pool for a swim. Tonight its my turn to host the music open-mic at the corner pub and we're gonna have a blast.

Thanks again everyone !
Ponder - It was 46 years ago today that the equation
and Castro could have killed me in October 1962, but he didn't.

Tonight we had an open mic and a game show and 7 different musical acts plus all kinds of varities of whiskey.
What a great celebration. And the best thing ever is that I learned that I will be cat-sitting all next week for my friend Amanda's 11 year-old tomcat, IGNACIO !!

Thank you all

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