happy birthday number6horse !!! (1 Viewer)

Happy Birthday!

I'm listening to the Cards @ Nats game as I type this, and while it's your birthday and all.....GO NATS!!!

have a good one.
Thanks everyone !

It's early evening here in Chicago and the trouble is just getting started ;)

Lolita - Relax ! You're not a day late ! (And it feels good to say that to a woman for perfectly innocent reasons)

Hooch - How'd those Nats do ? I'm still boycotting because of Steroid Boy in the clubhouse. I have a chance to play "Thirteen" tonight at my friend's gig - hope I can keep my shit together...
the Cards have run out a triple-A lineup against Strasburg, 7-2 Nats in the 6th.

get someone to film your version of "Thirteen" and pm me the youtube link. I'd like to see it. I've been wearing out my 3 Big Star albums the past couple days.


Okay. Happy Birthday! You did good to get CRBSMILE to come out of hiding just for your Birthday. With all due respect to her movie clip this is the version of any Dude wants to see at least once. It gets better at the end.

And, "Shut the fuck up Donny!"

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