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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROC! Have a great day and don't get too drunk - if there is such a thing...:D
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It is what it is
Thanks folks.
Just got home after a great day with the wife and kid.
Logged on... saw this, first beer in hand.

It's going to be a good night :)

Seriously... thanks.
no, relax, have a drink, listening to 4'33''.

after that, go over to your fantastic Buk-collection and just have a look over all these spines, slowly - then smile. Be happy you haven't sold!

Then back to the fireplace, have a Cognac, Feldman...
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It is what it is
Thanks guys.

Who would have thunk it; 40.

Time rolls on.

(Valentines day happens roughly 9 months before November, by the way) :)
Happy Birthday ROC!

The Bahamas would be great, Australia would be great... I envy your location as the grey rainy autumn here is very unpleasant.
Have a nice sunny B-Day!

Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
Happy birthday! Someone yelled out your name to roni at the reading in San Marino, California. That must have been for your birthday, you know.

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