Happy Birthday Ruby, I mean Justine (1 Viewer)

Happy birthday Justine, enjoy your special day!


once again, i was spoiled rotten and received a pile of gifts (with two more still to come!), including a beautifully-made leather satchel (one of those ones you imagine doctors and professors carrying - i've wanted one ever since i was a little kid), a rare exhibition catalogue from my all-time favourite artist, and two first edition, fine condition, raymond carver poetry books to add to my pretty impressive carver collection.
Happy Birthday Justine.

Slimedog feels compelled to add about 20 years to everyone's birthdays. It's probably a mid-life crisis thing. Which, of course, just further amuses the twenty-somethings like you, Jordan, me, MJP, Gerard, etc..

Let's do our best not to turn out like him.
Happy birthday. Your are old enough to have kids now. When you are pregnant stay away from that toxic ink.

In your pictures you look like a teenager to me.
I, for one, am pleased as punch that we can honor one of our older members of the board with this thread. Justine has shown that originality, inspiration and enthusiasm is not strictly privledged for the young.

We should look to her as our own inspiration as we too might someday approach our declining years, (if we're that lucky), and deal with it with the dignity and wit that Justine certainly has.

Hats off to this great dame of the Bukowski forum, cheers and applause to her many insights, and though her lights may not shine off as far in the distance as we might hope, we can look back at her previous (and hopefully more to come) travels and just reel in mystery at the glory and passion that her life and living has brought to us. And pray that we may someday follow in such hollowed footsteps.

I am on acid.
It was the 19th!? And I missed it? What the fuck kind of friend am I? I'm sorry and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I will send you a belated something or another sooner or later. It will be some kind of holiday/birthday thing - which I'm sure you just love and are used to - having your birthday so close to the holidays. You probably got ripped off on presents your whole life because of that, am I right? Well count me in for being one more person who does that.

I love you though.
thanks! i had to work today, and then go grocery shopping, and THEN make dinner for my husband.* carol is right: for my entire childhood, by the time it was my birthday the xmas presents were under the tree so my parents would just say 'you can open one of your presents early'. so awesome.

*but i had a fantastic birthday-weekend, and got spoiled like crazy: jordan makes sure that every birthday makes up for my pathetic, sad, deprived childhood.
Glad you had a great weekend,Justine. Belated birthday wishes!


New Zealand Pie - made with peas, corn, carrot and tofu in white sauce.
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