Happy birthday rubyred (1 Viewer)

Especially since you should never ask a lady how old she is, How old are you?

Happy Birthday Justine!

You're the best!
Aww...Ruby/NZ Refugee :

Many birthdy wishes to you
and best of luck ...

I will be re-joining the forum
soon as I can get a lap-top.....
thanks to my lovely man <3 (and by that, i mean jordan, not gerard - although you are certainly lovely).

hey dave! sorry we didn't get to catch up with you over thanksgiving - it was spent mostly with family. but jordan is so smitten with his brand-new niece, i'm sure we'll be back before next november.

i have to go to sleep early tonight so i can wake up early and open my PILE of presents... yes, it's a PILE.
thanks everyone!! so far, best birthday EVER....



1. 'counterpoint' - photography book by parkeharriso
2. 'the upset' - contemporary lowbrow artists (hoochmonkey is psychic!)
3. two volumes of willa cather works from library of america
4. signed copy of 'drop city' by t.c. boyle
5. THREE smashing pumpkins dvds, two of which i used to have but don't work on US players, and the newest one
6. first edition of 'call if you need me' by raymond carver, to replace my cheap paperback

7. beautiful letterpress printed book 'proofs' by john crombie from kickshaws press
8. 'horsebucket' by carol es (now i can finally read that thread)
9. signed first of 'microserfs' by douglas coupland
10. beautiful matt furie print, 1/10, with romantic birthday note from jordan on the back
11. chapbook of prose poetry from palOmine press
12. and that wooden object is a special tool for creating precise signature holes

not pictured:
13. a large and expensive bottle of my favourite perfume
14. a super special present that i am getting sometime in january, but jordan won't tell me what it is (some kind of special book, is my guess)

and i just went for drinks at a local bar called 'the new zealander'. now we're going to spend the night relaxing and watching smashing pumpkin dvds.
i'm actually going to try using medical syringes with it. a while back i was complaining to jordan how messy the holes were, using an awl, so he brought home a bunch of needles: because of the hollow design they slice through the paper, rather than tearing it, resulting in much cleaner holes.
i have to second this- anyone who hand-sews books needs to invest in a syringe with an 18-gauge x 1 1/2" needle... with steady downward pressure, you can push a syringe through a stack of paper. and the holes are much neater than with an awl. bottom line: for making books, a syringe is AWL RIGHT!!!

and, an 18-gauge needle will fit through the holes in the awl guide, too. as if you needed another reason to buy an 18-gauge needle for all your bookmaking needs.

jordan: now selling needles.
Jordan. I know that this is your business. Please tell me where to buy needles, so I don't have to go to free clinic and fight the junkies for them.

i'm not sure you CAN buy them, but we could probably send you some - how stringent is the USPS? would they detect something like that being sent through the mail and withhold it?
Doesn't the paper dull that medical needle pretty quickly?

Maybe I'm just crazy. When trimming the outside edge I change the Xacto blade after every 10 books. That's probably unnecessary, but when I'm making the final pass on something that has taken hours to make, the last thing I want to do is make a raggedy chop.
it will dull eventually, but they're pretty cheap. i'm going to buy a box of 100 from work, and it will cost me around $8. syringes are a little more expensive, but they don't wear out.

i think it might be illegal to ship hypodermic needles through the mail, though. the company i work for makes a product with syringes and needles in it that you can buy in outdoor stores, but it's around $20 and there are only two 18-gauge needles in the package (and the smaller sizes are a little small to thread a sewing needle through).

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