Happy Birthday to this site! (1 Viewer)

Happy 4th. Best time as any to thank the Mods here for doing all the quiet, behind the scene things they do to keep this site running. They've cleaned up enough of my debris to know they are watchful. And I've never received a PM telling me to stop leaving messes. Obviously thanks, too, to mjp for putting spark to this bonfire.

...and Many More.

Thanks to all the regulars - still a friendly place, mostly :cool:

tonight, to celebrate, I may try something out of the ordinary...perhaps I'll try an alcoholic beverage!

congrats and thanks to all who make this site special.
I too will have a beverage or two, then commence with the Anniversary Day Massacre, wherein I ban dozens of users and cast a pall of oppression over the proceedings.

Sounds juicy!
Is there suposed to be an eclipse of the sun today?

Great job on this forum it has been both educational and fun. Maybe someday F.A. will have a website this great.
I lift my alcoholic beverage in honour of this site and the visionaries behind it!!!
Happy Birthday and a special thanks to mjp and all the mods for their hard work.

Hoochmonkey9's idea sounds intriguing, but I think I'll stick to chocolate malts. This Bukowski fellow is a bad enough influence as it is. ;)
Happy Birthday to Buknet and all of its inhabitants, especially to mjp and the mods!
Next year it'll be our five year jubilee! My God, how time flies in good company.
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I drank and watched Barfly.

so, normal Friday night here. ho hum.

it is Friday, right?

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