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Just got home from a midnight opening of Record Store Day 2011! What a waste of time! Yes, yes, I seem to have no life. Looking at some of the prices going on eBay, I'm upset I passed on a bunch of stuff. I really went for two reasons, one to get the White Stripes 7"'s and another to get the Deftones covers release. I got to the store about 11pm, there were already about 250 people in line! I got in about 12:45am and everything was pretty much gone. I got nothing I wanted while I waded through the hundreds of people in the store but for once in my life got lucky while paying. Behind the counter in a "to go out in" bin was the white stripes 7". The dude behind the counter was nice enough to just grab it and ring it up for me, so the time wasted was worth it. I'm sure it will be the one that sells for way more than the 9.99 I paid, but it's also the only one I wont sell. All the other ones you see in the picture(rolling stones, my chemical romance, duran duran, mastadon/zz top, death cab for cutie 7"s) I've already listed on eBay. I'll be happy to just get my money back, but I'm rooting for Duran Duran to cover gas wasted.

Anyway, anyone interested in Record Store Day? Does anyone actually head to a record store on this annual event besides me? I want to head to Amoeba in Hollywood tomorrow, because I really want that Deftones album, but I work and I'm certain they'll be out of them within the first five minutes. Well I don't think I'm going next year, unless of course, ole Jack White decides to entice me with some of his usual gimmicks!

P.S. mjp, I'll sell ya that White Stripes 7" for $1,500.00, nothing lower.
It's a sign of the times that the industry needs a "record store day," but you kids wanted the Internet. Now look what you've done.

I'll give you 15 cents for the White Stripes record, because it looks lopsided in your picture. I don't think it will play right...
Hahaha. I'm always annoyed by the event and then always find myself in line mumbling about what a waste of time it is. You think id learn my lesson, but I went right back to another store this am. Actually snuck out of work to go, get in line and do it all over again. This time I got a couple things I really wanted, a my morning jacket lp and the Ryan Adams lp. You know I hear Ryan Adams is quite the poet! Yes, yes I'm kidding.

And I haven't even filed my taxes.
I am a record nut too, nervas. Been collecting for over 15 years- egads! But I have a bad taste in my mouth for Record Store Day. I feel it is a money making gimmick. Obviously. Most things are, but this one is the worst kind. Most of the records that are released are pure shit. Do I really care about Joan Jett "I love rocknroll" just cuz it's on clear wax? Limited to a thousand? Getdafuckouttahere.
I went to Record Store Day event again this year and the store was packed. The customers went right to the "limited" RSD issues, picked at them like vultures on a fresh corpse and promptly left. I got the sense these guys were only there to snatch up the rares and put them on eBay. I didn't even look at the RSD section. In summary, RSD may have started out with the right ideals but in a few short years it has been strangled to death for the dollar. Yep. Oh, and for all the fair-weathered record people getting into the game now, great. Welcome, when they get bored, I will be ready to snatch their wax up from the dusty bins just as I've done for years.
It's funny how many people complain about the event, but then participate in it. Believe me, I'm one of them! However, without exaggeration, I am in a record store at least 5-6 days a week. There are two within walking distance from me and two within 5 minutes from my work, so I just have a bad addiction. Anyway, I also hate that something I really want is picked up by someone who has no interest in the record, or the band and then I have to pay $40.00 more on eBay. But it's just the nature of things nowadays. It's the same thing with people browsing thrift stores with their handy lil' scanner. I was nearly knocked out of the weigh by this big 50yr old dude the other day as I looked at the cd's. He actually scanned every single cd(about 200) of them. He didn't take any, so I have no idea how these scanners work. Maybe it would have beeped differently if he had found one with a certain value?

But I disagree on most of the stuff being put out is crap. Crap is put out daily by bands and so is good stuff by other bands. I think RSD is the same, some stuff is good, some stuff is crap. I think the actual new releases are cool, but anything put out as a special re-release for rsd is kinda weird.

I walked into the store where I waited in line at midnight just the other day. This was a good week and a half after rsd and they had nearly every release from that night with a sign that said, leftovers. Now that made me mad, because the night I was there, they swore they had no more of anything, as it was limited and they had to put out what was left the next morning. I called the next afternoon and they said they were out of everything. Whatever, it's the stores that add just as much confusion, want, etc as the record companies. They should have just put everything out, when they had it. The demand for this years releases has all but died, if you check eBay, nothing except a few releases are even selling. I ended up keeping everything I bought, except the mastadon/zz top 7", but anyway....

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