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Damn, I haven't really looked at an Ecco reprint since the very first copies started coming out a few years ago. Today I was in a Barnes and Noble (sticking Guerilla Poetics broadsides into books) and I saw an Ecco copy of Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame.

Wow, wow - ouch - the colors on the cover were like clown makeup or something. It was actually unpleasant to look at, and not just because all of the subtlety and quality of the BS releases is history. The colors themselves just burned my eyeballs. What the holy sweet fuck are they doing?!

How long until they abandon the BS covers altogether and start putting clip art around the books?


yep.it was a sad day when i saw my first buk by ecco.
i went to the back to see the first edition stamp page(what is that called?)
and nothing there.

oh mjp
can you put in a good word for me as an east coast operative?
funds are low but ill stick the broadsides in the fante books. or celine,etc.
You are welcome to join. The $25 joiner only covers postage to get the broadsides to you for a year. No one in this group is making a penny off of this. In fact, many of the early members have donated much more than just their time (extra funds, books for sale with proceeds put in the coffers, etc). We can sign you up and float you a couple of months, as long as you feel that you would be able to donate at some time in the near future. It is a matter of just covering the postage.


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