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has anyone heard of HARRY CREWS?
i just read his book BODY, about female body builders, and then i read his book A FEAST OF SNAKES(a really funny, and disturbing and haunting haunting novel) . and then i watched an interview of him talking about writing on youtube.com. i havent enjoyed listening to a guy talk about writing that much since i saw the bukowski documentary.
anyway, i have a hard time finding writers that i can really get into. this guy is good. real good. just thought i'd tell you guys about him.
I'm familiar with his name... but have never read or listened to him. After nosing around, I found his interview on writing and it's stays like a handful of gems in the mind. He's unashamed to talk about the value of compassion and mercy, among the other qualities he mentions, including stripped-down honesty. Thanks for this.
my favorite writer. i have almost all of his stuff, most of it signed. i met him once.

how, you ask?

i lived in Gainesville, Florida and attended the University of Florida where he taught. I didn't take a class by him because I'm a dumbass, but that's another story. Anyway, I met him at a book signing for The Mulching of America. He was a gruff old cur, and called me "sport".

I recommend Mulching as well as The Gospel Singer (if you can find it) and Knockout Artist (a fucking blast of a book) and Celebration and Childhood (perhaps the best memoir I've ever read)....shit, anything by him is good...

You can't go wrong with Harry Crews...I've other great stories about him, but those'll be for later...
appearantly he helped write the screen play for the movie new kids, but was uncredited. i watched the movie last night. wild stuff. this movie should be sought out.

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