has "leg, teeth, talent and bullshit" been collected? (1 Viewer)

Digney in Burnaby

donkeys live a long time
Going through files from three and a half years ago. Poem from NOLA Express, 1971 ("official date" was "the present", fucking hippies.)

"leg, teeth, talent and bullshit"

A search couldn't get an exact or loose match.

nola ex 90 the present 1971.JPG
Not really my "find". I was looking for some other email from years past and saw the "buk file" I made when I was sending cirerita a bunch of scans. Curiosity got the better of me so I went into the file. One letter noted I'd missed NOLA #90. That got me looking to see if I did go back to the microfilm morgue. Guess I did.

Lately I've been trying to clean up a bunch of crap around here. Seems like an enormous and very much a lost cause.

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