Have Bukowski ever got you a date? (1 Viewer)

I write this cause two years from now I was walking my dog around a new place and I saw a girl call her dog: "Buk!!! Bukowski!!!! Come over here!!!!!!"

I could´n help but to start a chat with her. That same day we went out drinking (yeah, she was a heavy drinker) and I ended up in her bed. The relationship lasted a few weeks. Too territorial for me... but lot's of great memories with her.

See ya
OK, language barrier. If you know that you're gonna get some action two years from now, then your time machine is better than my time machine!

So, two years ago this happened. Thus endeth the lesson. :wb:

But no, the only thing Buk got me was a credit card bill. And, of course, the privilege of conversing with you lot.

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