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Years ago, probably seven, i bought this drawing on eBay. The seller, can't remember who it was, told that it was used as an illustration for a catalogue of Bukowski books the seller made. (Was it Waterrow? Maybe. Really can't recall.) But I don't know if it was used in that publication, or that Bukowski made a couple of drawings and this one did not make the catalogue. I have two or three catalogues, but haven't seen the drawing in any. Anyway, if you have seen this before, please let me know. Thanks and cheers from Amsterdam.


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I have early Waterrow Bukowski/Beats catalogs from the 80s and if I get a chance I'll take a look for that drawing. It looks vaguely familiar (but then everything does -- have I been here before?)


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I've seen that drawing for sure... just can't recall where. Maybe it was in the Under the Influence catalog or somesuch...

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Yes cirerita, (Criteria ;)) I think you're right - Under the Influence does feature that or a very similar drawing within. I don't have a copy but I seem to remember seeing the drawings on one of Scott H's (AP) listings once.

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